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March's State of the Raid

by Riordan Dragoran, 172 days ago

STATE OF THE RAID – March 2015


Heya all, here’s your Kaizen Raiding update for the month of March.


We’ve started to push past the gear barrier that frustrates a lot of raiding guilds.  To date, 3/9/15, we’ve killed 6/7 Heroic Highmaul bosses and started transitioning into Blackrock Foundry. Also, as you have noticed, our friends from Red Shirts have started joining us some raiding nights.  Holy has done an awesome job of encouraging her friends from Red Shirts to hang out with us and the larger Raiding group has been a blast.  Red Shirts has a tendency of running their guild raid runs later at night, (10pm-1am EST), on Mondays and Tuesdays.  If you’re interested in raiding later at night, talk to Holy about the possibilities.


I would like to close out Heroic Highmaul, and that involves a damn tough fight against Imperator Mar’gok.  It is a long, drawn out fight that shows no mercy to mistakes.  So I’m considering extending the Raid Lock so that we can hit that boss until he finally breaks.  And while completion of the Heroic Highmaul raid means that we will begin focusing more on Blackrock Foundry, remember that our Tier Gear is in BRF.  I would like to put a strong effort into Normal Blackrock Foundry so that we can get our Tier Gear and start considering Heroic Blackrock bosses.


Open Raid Wednesday Nights is a success and is allowing people who would normally not be able to raid on a regular basis to gear toons.  As we gain more mastery over Blackrock in progression, I will begin looking at having the Open Raid move to Blackrock as well.  Don’t worry Open Raiders, we won’t be in Highmaul the whole expansion.



Kaizen is still interested in a second Raid Leader stepping up and building a team of raiders.  The weekends are still open and available for raiding.  If you’re interested in stepping up to the challenge, speak with one of the Officers, Lydian, Vaniel, Holyrain, Riordan, or Fhait.

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February's New State Of The Raid

by Riordan Dragoran, 202 days ago

STATE OF THE RAID – February 2015 (a)


Two weeks have gone by and the Guild Officers have talked a lot about who will be joining the progression team, how to get accepted into the team once Kaizen has started progression next week, and how fluid the team must be during progression.  As Officers we are taking this seriously and we hope that our solutions will allow us to excel.


Raiding Schedule:

The window for raiding is 3 hours, from 7pm server to 10pm server, 9pm EST – midnight, with invites for raid starting 15 minutes before the Raid Window starts. We know that not all of us will be able to stay that late and real life will require you to drop out for the night as sleep is needed in order to work the next day.  We also know that Real Life may cause some people to join us late.  We accept the fact there is a Real Life and we have put together a team large enough to accommodate this, thank you Flex Raiding. 


Tuesdays – Progression: Normal Blackrock Foundry. Our Tier Gear is hiding in there, time to work on getting it. Flexibility and the ability to work as a team and be willing to step out gracefully are key.

Wednesdays – Open Raid: Normal Highmaul. This night will also be used to record numbers of people who wish to join the progression team after initial creation.  We can raid with up to 30 raiders, provided we have the healers.  So get your numbers logged and we’ll determine if we can get you onboard.

Thursdays – Progression and Gearing: Heroic Highmaul. These nights will be used for gearing and completion of Highmaul.  Eventually, once geared, this night will be replaced with Blackrock runs.


Before I list the team and roles they will be filling, a comment or two about team flexibility.  The officers will be doing real time number crunching during the progression raid. And if the raid gets hung up on a boss for more than 30 minutes, we will be taking a moment to analyze our numbers.  As a result of that analysis, we may be asking a raider to step out of the boss fight in order to better our chances at killing the boss.  This is not to pick on anyone, but to better our chances.  If we remove enough DPS, we could also have to remove a healer in order to maintain balance.  You will be reinvited to the raid as soon as we down the boss and will march off to the next boss.  Since all boss strategies are different, we may not have to ask raiders to step aside for the current boss.  Please remember each boss fight is going to be fluid and we want as many people to get gear as possible.


Here is a general rule about needed numbers, remember this is all math determined and will vary from boss to boss.

DPS – 15k DPS minimum, preferred 20k DPS

Heals – 16k to 18k HPS minimum, preferred 25k HPS

Raid awareness is critical, the more we can avoid unnecessary raid damage, the less taxing it will be on our healers and tanks. If you stand in the fire all the time, we will ask you to sit for the boss.


Here is the list of our starting Progression Team. 

Tanks – Ellehcim, Riordan

Healers – Holyrain, Hudman, Aarwen

Heals/DPS – Veda/Abysse, Elainya/Astheela, Cheants/Fhait, Lydian/Spindancer

DPS – Moonsindar, Gaskelmarg, Shivar, Vaniel, Mand, Elie, Arieona, Khushi



That’s all for now, see you in Raid.

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